Tuesday, 10 June 2008

a new adventure (part 3)

i have a big scary exam coming up in less than a week, and i have been studying solidly for ages. it’s gotten to the point where i simply do not want to look at another book! unfortunately, i have to keep studying up until the exam, so i have come up with a marvelous compromise - i am re-listening to recordings of all my lectures while i sew. as a result, my quilt is coming along famously!
on saturday i finished my 100th block:

a stack of 100

then my partner and i went up to visit my mum for the afternoon. she laid a sheet out on the floor, and we all gathered around to arrange the blocks into a satisfactory configuration. it took ages (we kept having to walk away for cups of tea and slices of cake!), and everyone pitched in - even pip the cat!

pip the cat oversees construction

there were a lot of conversations along the lines of:
“see that one with the gingham edge? you’d better move that one - there’s too much red there.”
“yes, and if we move that, we can put this one in it’s place - but the gingham can’t go here either, so we’d better find a spotty one…”

rearranging the blocks

it was such a collaborative, challenging and enjoyable task, and i know that when this quilt is finished i will snuggle up under it knowing that my whole family had a hand in bringing it together. that’s precious.

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