Saturday, 31 May 2008

a new adventure (part 1)

i’m an old fashioned girl at heart. i love antiques, period dramas, old teacups (i collect them!), anything with a history and a story. for this reason, i have been wanting to take up quilting for a very long time. it’s one of those creative practices that is so deeply steeped in tradition and history.

it’s also so wonderfully practical. there are few ideas so appealing to me as that of curling up with my honey, under a cosy quilt that i have made with my own two hands, or seeing one of my lil kitties reposing peacefully on a handmade quilt at the end of my bed. so, i have decided that i am going to have a go at it!

i’ve done some reading, i’ve gained masses of inspiration and ideas from various blogs, and i’ve bought myself a really lovely pattern. then the real fun began!

yesterday, i went to foothills fabric and threads and selected some beautiful fabric (it was so much fun, and there are so many amazingly beautiful colours and prints to choose from), and now that i have it home, i am in the process of cutting my pieces to size.

my chosen fabric, perched atop the old fashioned sewing box that my mum gave me. 

i’ll let you know how the project unfolds! in the mean time i’d love to hear about your adventures (successful or otherwise) in the realms of patchwork and quilting - just leave a comment!

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